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We also invite companies and institution that would like to become a patron of early music and promotion of cultural heritage of the Świętokrzyskie region through sponsorship. :


Piotr Świerczyński

Festival Coordinator

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What will you take part in?

Co-create the experience

Early music leads man to a special experience. It is supposed to open him to the entire universe, bringing him into harmony with it, and can even pull him higher: towards the Absolute, which is what sacred music aimed at.

We want to give the residents of numerous localities, both large and small, as well as people who come to the Festival's concerts from all over Poland and the world, the opportunity to participate in this experience.

Restore the harmony of music and architecture

The Świętokrzyskie region abounds in unique monuments of the Middle Ages and modern times: temples, monasteries, castles, palaces and many other interesting buildings. They were the natural habitat of music, which we now refer to as ancient music. Let's bring it back to these places to create a space of multi-sensory experiences, at the source of which is the thought of past eras.

At the same time, let's promote the unique heritage of the region.

Support young talent

Reaching for old repertoire, instruments and performance technique is not the first choice of young music students. Let's support those who dare to do so and promote this path, adding our own pebble to the creation of a Polish and European community of musicians performing early music.

This is what the Academia Kielcensis Festival, where young musicians practice under the guidance of masters in the space of the baroque monastery complex on Kielce's Karczówka, serves to achieve. Young performers and ensembles are also invited to participate in concerts, often alongside virtuosos of early music.

Create an institution with us

Festival editions to date have relied on the work and commitment of volunteers, whose energy and enthusiasm have made it possible for the Festival to take place.

At the same time, we believe that the Festival's achievements allow us to plan the next stage: we want to create a Festival Office that will work all year round. This is necessary because of the complicated process of planning such a large undertaking, the desire to improve its promotion, but also because of fundraising and project accounting.

We also want the Festival to have an educational function, to have events during the year as well, allowing an encounter with early music in a historical space, and to create an environment of people seeking beauty and harmony: non-festival events would be an opportunity to integrate it.